Montage Workshop

Studio Lighting with Profoto

Date: 16th Aug 2020, Sunday
Time: SGT 7:00PM - 9:00PM
Venue: Online via Zoom1
Fee: Free-of-charge2

1 Zoom is an online platform where meetings can be conducted online. You will require a Zoom account to join the online Montage workshops. Successfully registered participants will receive further instructions via email.
2 Montage workshops are only open to Montage 2020 Photography Competition participants.

Enjoyed our Behind The Lens Series featuring our various professional guest photographers, but wondered how you can shoot like them? Well fret not! In a direct continuation from our earlier workshop on the basic principles of lighting, join us as we demonstrate to you, live, how professionals achieve the incredible works that they’ve showcased across our past workshops.

In collaboration with Profoto Academy and Srishti Digilife, you will not only learn how to use studio lighting equipment, but also what all the various modifiers such as softboxes, soft and hard reflectors and grids work. We will also show you how you can use a single speedlight to shoot effectively in a studio setting, as well as how coloured gels affect the mood and atmosphere of your shoot.

There will also be a demonstration of how to set up lighting equipment for specific types of shoots, including model, food and product photography, as well as how a corporate headshot works out. If you are keen on bringing your understanding of lighting and studio photography to the next level, sign up today!


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