1. Who can take part in the NUSPS Montage 2020 Competition?

Anyone who has registered here and submitted their photos via their Instagram accounts using the respective hashtags will be considered for NUSPS Montage 2020 Competition.

  • Open Category (#NUSPStoriesOpen): no age limit
  • Youth Category (#NUSPStoriesYouth): 25 years old and below as of 1st Jan 2020
2. What are the categories available?

Open Category (#NUSPStoriesOpen): no age limit
Youth Category (#NUSPStoriesYouth): 25 years old and below as of 1st Jan 2020

3. Can I join both categories at the same time?

Yes, as long as your age qualifies, you may join both the Open and Youth categories. However, you may only win one prize.

4. Do I need to pay to join Montage 2020 Competition?

No, participation in Montage 2020 is free of charge. Any publicity material that claims otherwise is fraudulent and should be treated as such; do also report such incidents to the Organisers if you come across them!

5. How do I register and qualify for Montage 2020 Competition?

To qualify and have your entry considered valid for Montage 2020, participants must satisfy ALL of the below requirements:

  1. Register here.
  2. Add either #NUSPStoriesYouth or #NUSPStoriesOpen to your Instagram post according to the category you are submitting to.
  3. Additionally, hashtag all of the following: #NUSPS, #Montage2020, #CathayPhoto, #Profotoglobal, #nycsg, #mccysg, #CreateWithSrishti, and #OurSingaporeFund.
  4. Ensure you retain the original image file (e.g. camera RAW, DNG, JPEG/JPG file with EXIF data, etc.) and/or film negatives for photos submitted. Shortlisted participants will be required to submit these items for verification purposes.
  5. Instagram account used to post the participating work must be public. Your account must be following @nusps on Instagram.
6. What is the competition period?

The Competition is open for entry from 30th June 2020 1300 hours (SGT) to 20th August 2020 2359 hours (SGT). Only submissions posted during this period will be considered.

7. Can I tag my pre-existing Instagram posts?

If you wish to reuse pre-existing Instagram posts, please reupload the photo(s) with the appropriate caption and hashtags. Posts made outside the competition period will not be entertained.

8. What if I have submitted via Instagram but did not register on the Montage website?

Your submission will not be valid. Please ensure that you register here before submitting on Instagram.

9. I can’t remember if I’ve registered for Montage yet, how do I check?

You will receive a verification email upon registering for the Montage Competition, please check your inbox. If you have further questions, you can email us at

10. What can I submit?

Only still images taken on any camera is allowed. Videos, GIFs, digital artwork, illustrations, animations or any other formats will not be accepted.

11. How many entries can I submit?

Each Instagram post is considered one entry. Each participant can only submit a maximum of one entry per category (i.e. up to two entries, one under Open, and one under Youth). The appropriate hashtags must be used (check out Competition FAQ 14). All competition requirements (as stated on the registration page) must be fulfilled in order for the submission to be valid.

12. Am I allowed to submit multiple photographs per entry (post)?

Yes, however, to keep in line with the theme, multiple photo submissions must have a demonstrable storyline going from one photo to the next. If you submit multiple photos that are a collection of standalone pictures, we will only take the first photo and the caption into consideration. Determination of whether your post fits the “storyline” criteria will be at the sole discretion of the judging panel.

13. What is the judging criteria for the Montage 2020 Competition?

Judging will be based primarily on the quality of the photograph. The quality of the caption vis-a-vis its contribution to the understanding of the photograph, as well as its alignment to the theme, "This Is My Story", will be taken into consideration. Judging will be conducted by a panel of professional judges who will score each photo based on a set scoring system to ensure fairness.

14. How do I hashtag?
  • Hashtag #NUSPStoriesYouth in your Instagram post if you are participating in the Youth Category.
  • Hashtag #NUSPStoriesOpen in your Instagram post if you are participating in the Open Category.
  • Please also add the following hashtags to your posts: #NUSPS, #Montage2020, #CathayPhoto, #Profotoglobal, #nycsg, #mccysg, #CreateWithSrishti, and #OurSingaporeFund.

You may only enter one category per submission. Do not tag both categories in a single post. If you hashtag both, your entry will be counted towards the Open Category by default.

15. Can I use the same photograph to submit to both the Youth and Open category?

No. Photographs submitted for each category must be different. Each photograph can only be tagged with one category. Submissions tagging both Youth and Open categories in the same entry will be counted towards the Open Category by default.

16. What happens if I submit more than once in one category?

Please delete the incorrect submission. If you submit more than once in each category, only your first submission to each category will be taken into consideration.

17. Can I watermark the photo I submit?

No, all submitted photos should not be watermarked. This is to ensure that judging is unbiased and based solely on the quality of your work. If your photo is watermarked, your entry will be disqualified.

18. Can my photos be edited with Lightroom, Photoshop or any related photo editing software?

Yes, however, NUSPS requires participants to submit photos with minimal editing (including but not limited to exposure, color adjustments and cropping in reasonable amounts). This is a photography competition, hence, the focus is not in the editing but in the storytelling from both the photo and caption that is in line with the theme of "This Is My Story".

19. With the circuit breaker measures in place, since I can’t go out to take photographs, can I submit photographs taken in the past?

All images submitted should be taken legally and in compliance with the health advisories issued in light of the COVID situation.

In light of this, photos submitted need not be taken during the period of competition. However, you must ensure that the original image file (e.g. camera RAW, DNG, JPEG/JPG file with EXIF data, etc.) and/or film negatives are retained and retrievable. If you are unable to submit these items for verification purposes upon request, your entry will be disqualified.

Please note that you are not allowed to submit photographs that have won other photographic competitions. Such entries will be disqualified immediately upon discovery.

20. Can I submit drone photos?

All photographs submitted should be taken legally and in compliance with Singapore Law. You will be required to submit a proof of compliance with CAAS regulations regarding drone flight in Singapore airspace to, including, but not limited to the type of drone used, area where the photo was taken, maximum altitude achieved, date, and time.

21. Can I still submit my pictures on Instagram after the specified deadline of submission for Montage 2020?

Late submissions will not be recognized or entertained by NUSPS and all relevant parties. Please submit before the end of the competition.

22. How will I be contacted if I win the Montage 2020 competition?

Montage shortlisted winners will be contacted anytime between 21st August and 30th August 2020. Take note that if you are unreachable at this point of time by all contactable means (i.e. mobile, email, Instagram) within the stipulated grace period, your winning entry will be voided.

If you are overseas or at ICT for servicemen, do ensure that you are still contactable via mobile, email or Instagram. Your original file should be readily available via Google Drive, DropBox, etc. or any other means whereby you are able to send it over to NUSPS for verification.

23. What if I cannot produce the RAW/DNG/negative for my submitted photo upon request?

If you fail to submit it within the stipulated grace period, your entry will be disqualified.

24. How many prizes can I win?

You can only win one prize, either in the Youth (if your age qualifies and you have registered in this category) or the Open category.

25. Is NUSPS liable for any participants’ claims, loss and individual actions of any nature?

NUSPS is not liable for any loss incurred throughout the duration of the Montage 2020 event. NUSPS does kindly advise that all participants prioritize their safety, health, and the environment throughout the duration of Montage 2020. NUSPS will not be responsible for any negligence, irresponsible or illegal actions conducted by the registered participants and are reminded that they are fully responsible for their own actions. NUSPS is also not responsible for any loss of property or injuries incurred in the course of participation in Montage 2020.

During this COVID-19 period, participants are also reminded to adhere strictly to Ministry of Health guidelines regarding social distancing during this period. Please refer to for more information.

26. What happens if I plagiarize?

All photographs submitted should be taken legally and in compliance with intellectual property laws in the Republic of Singapore. If you are found to have plagiarized your submission, you will be immediately disqualified from the Montage 2020 competition and blacklisted from all future NUSPS events and Montage competitions.


1. Who can join the Montage Workshops?

Montage Workshops are only open to Montage 2020 Photography Competition participants. Please sign up for the competition here before registering for the workshops.

2. Can I join Montage Workshops if I am not a participant of the Montage Competition?

No, you must be a registered competition participant to join the Workshops.

3. Am I required to submit my Montage 2020 Competition entry to Instagram before joining the Montage Workshops?

No, as long as you have registered for the Montage 2020 Photography Competition, you can join the Montage Workshops. You are not required to have already submitted your entry on Instagram to join.

4. I'm a participant in the Montage 2020 Photography Competition, is it compulsory to join these Montage Workshops?

No, Montage Workshops are optional for all participants. Participation in Montage Workshops has no bearing on the judging process for the Montage 2020 Competition. However, you are highly encouraged to join as we have quite the exciting and enriching line up in store for you, including talks by famous photographers!

5. Do I need to pay to join the Montage 2020?

No, both the Montage Photography Competition and Montage workshops are free-of-charge. However you are required to sign up in order to participate.

6. Can I participate in more than one Montage Workshop?

Yes, you can participate in all Montage Workshops as long as you sign up beforehand.

7. How will Montage Workshops be held?

Montage Workshops will be held online on Zoom. Please create a free zoom account ahead of time as you will need an account to join. Montage Workshops will be conducted seminar or panel-style where the guest photographer takes centre stage for the entire presentation. Your mic and webcam will be disabled when you enter.

8. What do I need to do before the Workshop?

You will require a Zoom account to join the online workshop. Please create one ahead of time. Refer to Workshop FAQ 10 on instructions to download Zoom. Please rename yourself to the name you have registered for the workshop or you might not be allowed entry to the session.

9. When should I log into the Workshop session?

To facilitate administrative processes and mitigate potential technical issues, please log in 15 minutes before the official start time.

10. How do you download Zoom?

Zoom is a free to download software/App, you can download Zoom here:

11. I have successfully registered for a Montage Workshop, how do I join the online workshop?

The Zoom meeting website link, meeting room ID and password will be sent to you via email. Click on the link and key in the Zoom meeting room ID and password to join the session. Upon entering the meeting room, your microphone and webcam will be disabled.

12. How long are the Montage Workshops?

The duration will vary according to the content. You may refer to the individual workshops’ webpages to check the duration.

13. I've registered for the Montage Workshop but I realised I can't make it any more, what do I do?

Please ensure you are available during the workshop before registering as slots are limited. If extenuating circumstances arise, you can cancel your slot, by emailing us at

14. How can I ask questions during the Workshop?

Due to the large number of participants, spoken questions are not allowed. You can send any questions regarding the workshop through the Zoom chat. All questions will be compiled and answered by the guest photographer during the Q&A section of the session.

15. Will the Workshop be recorded?

For the safety of all participants and for legal reasons, all Montage Workshops will be recorded to ensure acceptable conduct by all parties involved. The recording will only be used for the aforementioned purposes and will not be made publicly available after the Workshop to protect our guest photographers' intellectual property rights.

16. Can I join the workshop without registering first?

No, only successfully registered participants are allowed to join the session. Zoom-bombing is strictly prohibited. Please rename yourself to the name you have registered for the workshop beforehand or you might not be allowed entry to the session.

17. What if I need to leave the Workshop early?

As slots are limited, please ensure that you are available for the entire workshop duration as listed on the webpage. If you need to leave early due to extenuating circumstances, please drop a message to the Zoom host before doing so.

18. What happens if my connection is terminated due to a bad connection?

If you are disconnected from the session due to a dropped connection, please rejoin the meeting once you are back online. The Zoom host will permit you to reenter the session as long as you are a registered participant.

19. Will the presentation materials used by the guest photographer be published?

As they are the intellectual property of the guest photographers, the materials will not be made publicly available unless the guest photographers indicate otherwise.

20. When do signups for Montage Workshops close?

Signups for all Montage Workshops will close on SGT 10:00 PM the day before the workshop. Montage Workshops are only open to Montage 2020 Photography Competition participants. Please ensure that you have registered to participate in the Montage 2020 Photography Competition as well.

21. Is Montage 2020 related to Zoom?

Montage 2020 Workshops are not authorised, endorsed or sponsored by Zoom Video Communications Inc. As such, all Montage 2020 Workshops will receive the full protection of Zoom Video Communications Inc's privacy policy and personal data protection agreement.

For more enquiries, please email