Montage Workshop

Behind the Lens of Elliot Lee

Date: 7th August 2020, Friday
Time: SGT 7:30PM - 9:30PM
Venue: Online via Zoom1
Fee: Free-of-charge2

1 Zoom is an online platform where meetings can be conducted online. You will require a Zoom account to join the online Montage workshops. Successfully registered participants will receive further instructions via email.
2 Montage workshops are only open to Montage 2020 Photography Competition participants.

If you've wondered what it takes to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, join Elliot Lee as he shares his experiences shooting for the most recognisable brands in the world. Ever heard of the expression "less is more?" Well, let Elliot show you how that is especially true in photography, and perhaps even counterintuitively true for commercial photography.

Having worked with clients such as Starbucks, DBS and Nikon, Elliot Lee's body of work covers everything from still life to food; portraiture to architecture. He is an award winning photographer, Nikon Ambassador, but above all, a storyteller. He believes strongly in “cutting down all noise to focus on the story, on the message, on the idea”. He treats every shot as a puzzle to solve, a story to tell; how best to tell the story of the product in the most attention-grabbing, yet non-distracting manner possible? How does he create a photograph that incites desire, and excitement about the product? That is the key to his style, his mission.


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