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Committee Picks: Youth Category

Ciel Soren Poon

This was taken almost a year ago on the last train back home. Upon passing Kranji, a huge influx of workers flooded in, and promptly sat themselves down on the floor. Before we had reached the next station, they were all asleep.

One of them was so tired that he eventually slumped to the side and instinctually laid down on his bag as a pillow. Soon after, another one of them nodded barely awake, and in noticing his friend sleeping on the ground, grabbed his back and shuffled towards him. Watching this unfold sitting down right opposite them, I thought the man was going to wake him up from his slouched slumber, as there were still people standing around then. Instead, he simply moved right up beside, gently raised his friend's head onto his crossed legs, and went back to sleep all without rousing him.