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Committee Picks: Youth Category

Tracy Lim

"Trapped in Time"

In Singapore, we all live through the fast and hectic lifestyle. We were always chasing after time but it never lead to fruitful results. However, due to the Covid situation, it seemed like time had momentarily stopped in Singapore. Everyone was working/studying from home, no one was going out and there wasn't any social interaction or changes in our lifestyle. It seemed like we have been encapsulated within the same time period. Even though the city is still running (like the CBD in the hourglass) but everything else had stopped (like the sand in the hourglass). Being trapped within this same cycle actually gave me an opportunity to try out something new, something that I had always wanted to work on or even something that I had to put aside due to a busy schedule. I had the time to hone my artistic skills in drawing, design and photography, which encouraged me to participate in this competition to showcase what I had finally achieved after being "trapped" in this time frame. This is my story. What about you?