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Committee Picks: Open Category

Alex Goh

This is my story – Heartfelt story of food delivery heroes captured during COVID19 Pandemic. Many of us have had the good fortune of working or staying at home during this pandemic with food delivered by these heroes. Their service has allowed us to have better focus on our work or family care at home. Their service also kept food and beverage businesses alive when dine-in was not allowed.

Regardless of rain or shine, they continue to work ,and often race to deliver food to us bicycle, motorbikes or even mobility aid because most deliveries happens during those few meal hours. Some food delivery heroes continue this race to deliver despite their mobility challenge in order to earn a living for survival.

After every rain, a rainbow may appear. After every night, a new sunrise and a new hope for the day. Thank you to all the food delivery heroes for your dedication. Stay safe and strong. Let's be more patient if your food delivery took longer.

Hope that this pandemic will be over soon and we get back to the good old norm.